Schiffmacher Chef's Knife

€ 53,99 € 48,49

Het stoere chef's knife door Henk Schiffmacher!

Verpakking: Gift Box
Kleur: Black
Materiaal Handle: Stainless Steel
Materiaal Lemmet: Stainless Steel
Staalsoort: 3Cr13
Lengte lemmet: 200 mm
Hardheid: 52-54HRC

Good, sturdy knives are no unknown territory for Henk Schiffmacher. He knew how to use one since he was a little boy. Growing up in a butcher’s family, he saw his father, mother, and even his grandmother work with huge knives day in day out.

“I want to create a high-end chef’s knife” were his words. And so he did.


This chef’s knife is made out of one piece of solid German stainless steel, blackened with a special iron oxide treatment. And it wouldn’t be a knife by Schiffmacher without a tattoo, right?


Symbols are powerful things. No wonder why Polynesian tattoo art is full of them. There was no writing in the Polynesian culture so the Polynesians used symbolic tattoo art to express themselves. “Just like human beings, a knife has a soul. This Polynesian inspired design embodies this soul and gives it strength.”

The Homey’s Svart chefs knife

The biggest knife in the Homey’s Svart series: the chefs knife. Not only is it often the biggest knife in a kitchen knife collection, it’s also the most important knife. Every cook, home cook or star chef, benefits from owning a razor sharp chefs knife. With a chefs knife you perform almost all chopping tasks while preparing a meal. On top of everything the Svart chefs knife, apart from its asstounding cutting qualities, looks super cool due to the blackened effect on the handle. What more could you ask for?

  • Razor sharp blade (20 cm) of stainless 3Cr13 steel
  • Handle of stainless 420 steel with blackened coating (food safe!)
  • The hardness of the blade is 52-54 Rockwell (HCR)
  • It’s recommended to clean the knife by hand (no dishwasher), to make sure it’ll maintain its sharpness

Packaging: Gift Box
Colour: Black
Serration: NO
Material Handle: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Steel Type: 3Cr13
Length Blade: 200 mm
Blade Hardness: 52-54HRC